The Surest Way Of How To Do Makeup For Blue Eyes

Many women are always at a loss when it comes to the type of eye makeup that is suitable for them. Blue eyed women for instance think that they are constrained by a limited number of shades. The fact however is that there are very many ways of how to do make up for blue eyes.

It is quite important that you go natural. Whether you wish to achieve a flirty look around friends, or are looking for bedroom eyes, a good makeup compliment will help you achieve just that. For blue eyes particularly, rose shades are quite enticing but so are the families of brown and violet. These, when used well, will produce a warm hue that will definitely match with the cold background of your pupils and hence make them stand out.

When picking shades, it is always advisable that you go for darker tones. Go for dark brown for instance instead of gold. This is because light shades will suppress the deep blue color thereby causing them to hide instead of being the centre of attention. Dark shades, on the other hand, make your blue eyes shine since they will be the brightest thing around.

Next, it is time to pick the eyeliner. Unlike in other types of pupils that match well with black liners, this would be disastrous for your type. Instead, go for medium brown liners that will properly highlight the blue tone. Next is to pick a mascara.

While any mascara is just as good for you, natural brown one is still preferable here. This is because it still works towards your main goal- to bring out your blue eyes and make them visible. When you use this, it creates that attention where anybody looking at your face will first be drawn to your beautiful blue eyes.

Lastly, you should never forget to apply a neutral tone blush. Lip color is also crucial for your overall appearance and so you should never leave it out. If you are to use any other additions on your make up, make them as minimal as possible so as to avoid interfering with what you have created.

One more thing that you are rarely told when looking for information on how to do make up for blue eyes is the tools. Avoid using your bare hands on for these tasks. They not only give uneven appearance but also may lead to infections. Remember to buy a makeup kit with all the necessary brushes in handy.


  1. Most women do not know the difference between how much is enough and overdoing the makeup. This means they end up using excess makeup, which eventually brings them out rather odd.
  2. Your makeup should be done in the morning before going to work.

The type of makeup you choose should correspond to your complexion. Do not go for options that will bring you rather odd in the face or presence of other people. At least the makeup should be best suitable for your eyes all the time.