How to Wear Red Lipstick

Red is the color of passion, excitement and seduction. If you want to look like a sexy siren, red is the color for your lips. Red lipstick is said to draw immediate attention and causes men to give you a second glance. Red lips emphasize on every single pout, highlight the sensuous curve of your lips and accentuates your smile. This is one of the reasons why red lipstick has been so popular among actresses of olden days. Remember actresses like Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn and Elizabeth Taylor, who came to be admired for their hot looks and red lipstick.

In ancient civilizations, Egyptian women wore red lipstick and highlighted their eyes with kohl. The famous Queen Cleopatra’s lipstick was made from crushed carmine beetles which gave a deep red pigment and ants for a base. Around 5000 years ago in the Mesopotamian Civilization, semi-precious jewels were crushed and applied to the lips as lipstick. Various lipsticks with glittering effects were derived from a substance called pearlescence. In the 16the century, lipstick gained immense popularity and was made from a fine blend of beeswax and red stains from plants.

Red lipstick and its application

Red lipstick can definitely make you stand out in the crowd. It lays emphasis on your lips and increases their sensuality. It adds an additional gleam of raw appeal to your overall personality and can make you look gorgeous within minutes. It is essential for you to know how to wear red lipstick in order to be able to dress up your lips in the right manner. Even though, the cosmetics industry is overflowing with a number of pastels and lighter shades of lipsticks, red lipstick is an essential part of every makeup kit.

Lipstick is made from a combination of beeswax, oil and coloring essence that releases the intense color to your lips. It is essential for you to go in for a high-quality product to maintain the natural attraction of your lips.

How to wear Red Lipstick?

With a little practice, you can apply the lipstick perfectly. Since you need a steady hand, you may place the elbow on the makeup table while you work with your lip brush. With the other hand you may support the chin.

Lip colors look different on every face and complement the natural skin shade. Red lipsticks too, come in a number of shades ranging from bright cherry reds and burgundy to darker shades of reddish browns and maroons. If you want your lip color to last longer, apply the base foundation first. The base foundation serves as a protective covering. Powder your lips very lightly and outline them using a lip pencil.

For the upper lip, start from the center and line outwards. For the lower lip, outline from side to side stroking your brush or applicator on the lipstick and proceed to fill the lips with color. Once again, begin with the center of the upper lip and move to the sides. On the lower lip, color in from side to side. Blot by placing a folded tissue in between the lips and pressing them together. Lip liners may be used for correcting the shape of the lips and to prevent the lipstick from smudging. For that extra glossy shine, you can apply a frosted highlighter or lip gloss on the center of the bottom lips.

Shaping your Lips

This is the toughest part of applying lipstick. It determines the kind of shape you wish to give to your lips and can help you transform your lips into a sensuous pout instantly.

Thin Lips: Thin or less broad lips may be easily corrected by outlining them with a lip pencil a little outside the natural lip line. Alternatively, lip gloss may be applied on the upper lip. This will lend a fuller appearance to your lips.

Out of shape lips: Outline crooked lips either below or above the natural shape depending upon the fault.

Full lips: Line your lips inside the natural shape with a lighter shade of lipstick and fill in the outline with a shade that is brighter than the liner.

How to wear Red Lipstick and select the finish?

Lipstick with a matt finish helps to give the illusion of smaller lips. To obtain a matt finish look, apply lipstick and then place a thin tissue over your lips. Now dust powder over it. Remove the tissue and you are ready to sizzle!

If you happen to have a droopy lip line, outline it upwards with the lip pencil in a shade slightly darker than your lip color. Use lip gloss to touch up the center.