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How to choose the right hairbrush?

It’s no secret that a properly selected comb is a guarantee of healthy hair, without brittleness and split ends. But how to choose the one that fits perfectly? Choose the best wave brushes.

Even the most experienced beauty lover can get confused in the types and purposes of certain hair combs. No wonder! Indeed, hundreds of different variations are presented on the cosmetic market with a single purpose – to monitor the beauty of hair, untangling curls, and to do a light head massage. Hair stylists and trichologists recommend having at least three key types of combs in your arsenal: a comb, a brush and a massage brush.

Further more, in order to choose your ideal option, you need to decide on the material, purpose and the desired result from the cosmetic product.

Let’s start with the different materials from which combs are made: plastic, metal, natural bristles, wood, silicone, carbon, nylon, ebonite and ceramic. According to their intended purpose, cosmetic products are divided into: massage brushes, brushings, semicircular and flat combs, “fish bone”, comb and specialized electrical appliances. To make your choice easier, the Beauty HUB editorial team has selected the best combs for each hair type.

For thick and hard

The best combs for thick and coarse hair have sparse and flexible teeth and are made from hard but delicate materials such as silicone, ebonite and carbon. But you will have to forget about massage natural brushes once and for all. It is most convenient to comb wet hair with a universal comb from Tangle Teezer Wet Detangler Hairbrush, and for voluminous styling use thermal brushing and “fish bone”.

For thin

Thin and dry hair should look for salvation in soft massage brushes that massage the scalp, thereby “awakening” the hair follicles – Marlies Moller Allround Hair Brush. For voluminous styling, a semicircular comb, brushing and “fish bone” are best suited. Get rid of the metal comb by replacing it with a natural bristle or silicone tooth comb. If tangles persist, consider using a partial-toothed comb.

For curly

Curly and curly hair adores combs with long and sparse teeth. Ceramic and metal brushes of different diameters will help to give curls more charm, depending on the desired result. It is recommended to give up the “fishbone” and combs with frequent short teeth, which push, entangle and so unruly hair. If you are tired of curls, the Vitek VT-8446 Violet hairbrush or Ikoo E-Styler Cotton Candy will help.

For short

Trendy short haircuts are easy to style with the short-toothed accessory 3ME Maestri. A fishbone or medium-diameter ceramic brush is suitable for light volume. For owners of an oily head, it is best to refuse massage brushes with natural bristles. If the hair becomes electrified, it is worth changing the material of the device to an ionic, wooden, ebonite, carbon base.

For long

Girls with long braids to the waist are recommended to use brushes and massage combs with densely spaced teeth – Olivia Garden Finger Brush Combo Medium. Large diameter metal brushes are best for creating curls or curled ends. It is difficult to comb long hair with fine, fine-toothed combs; silicone brushes are suitable for gentle detangling.