About Winter Makeup

Come winter and the season takes a toll on your skin. The cold winds and freezing temperature leads to cracked, dry skin and chapped lips. The augment of winter also rings the bells for the advent of the party season. For all those party poopers out there, winter is all about hopping from one place to another, doting on loads of eateries and lazing for endless hours in front of the fire.

Winter Make up is not just about wearing the right colors and blending in loads of gloss, but begins with a ritual of proper skin care. Don’t forget that chapped lips cannot carry any lipstick with ease. Therefore, you must eat right, stay fit and keep yourself hydrated to glow throughout the winter. Your skin care routine and cosmetics need to undergo a major hauling in order to embrace the chilly months. You need to look more glamorous and in control during the season.

Skin Care for the Chilly months

From dry, chapped hands to crackling heels, the winter skin blahs are endless. As such we all dread the nasty mismatch of humidity, icy breezes and freezing temperatures as soon as the mercury dips. With a few tips you can brush aside the winter beauty woes and tame your looks.

Hand care: Chapped crusty hands are an outcome of excess exposure to cold and rough weather. To get rid of the dryness, wash them with lukewarm water before going to bed and apply milk cream. Wear gloves overnight to let the formula work on your winter wrecked hands. Another traditional remedy is to apply a concoction of glycerine, rose water and lemon juice to soften the hands.

Body Care: As soon as winter sets in, throw all the soaps out of your bathroom window. Soaps tend to strip the moisture from the skin leaving it dull and dry. Avoid hot baths during the winters. It is recommended to go in for a lukewarm water bath for not more than 10 minutes once a day. Dry yourself with a towel and rub in a moisturizer when the body is still damp.

Winter make up essentials

Wearing the right colors:

With winter comes the need to look your best. Colors such as coffee, mahogany, burgundy, berry, mocha and cherry replace the summer pastels and frosted shades. Deep purples, grays, moss greens blended with sheer silver, gold, copper and platinum hues dominate the fashion circuits in the winter months. Glitter and gloss are an all-time trendy buy for stuffing up your make up bag. The citrus and spicy tones of makeup are a rage during the chilly months.


It is recommended that you use a matte finish foundation during the winters. Either your foundation or your moisturizer must have an adequate SPF to block the harmful UV radiation of the sun that is prominent even in the winter months.


The smoky look for the party season is evergreen. You can blend shades of green, purple, mocha, blue or even neon colors to get a perfect smoky effect. Use silver, champagne or golden hues for the subtler look. Remember to wear nude lipstick and blusher with a smoke eye effect.

Black mascaras work wonders for your eyes during the winter months with eyeliners in dark blue, purple, kohl and browns.

Go Glitter:

The glitter effect is back with a bang. Mix your favorite glitter with your best body lotion and apply it all over your body. Remember it must be either on your body or on your face but never on both!


Rich and creamy shades are in this season. You can opt for rich pinks, browns, reds and coppers to get an instant glamorous look. Creamy blushers look great during the winters.


You can stick to the rich aroma of essential oils and create your own winter blend to rock the party. Spicy aromas such as cinnamon, woody and balmy fragrances are a big hit during the winters.


Try vitamin enriched lipsticks with build in moisturizers for the winters. Shades such as red, mahogany, caramel, coffee, mocha, wine and burgundy are a hit throughout the season. Extra sheen can be created by dabbing lip gloss for that sizzling sparkle.


You can do up your nails with a ravishing French manicure or color them with dark reds, burgundy, browns and rust. No winter make up routine is complete without achieving the perfect nails. You need to be versatile. Change your nail color as and when you feel the need to and moisturize your hands regularly.

With these winter makeup tips you are likely to rock the party and sail gracefully through the winter months with ease.